Choose from one of our catering packages or create your own.
Either way, let us help you cater your next meeting or event and make life Willy Simple!

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich & Quiche Platter

Perfect For Any Morning Meeting
Includes an assortment of your choice of breakfast bagels with cheese, egg and meat options and/or quiche.

Bagels & Cream Cheese Platter

Makes For a Flavorful Spread
Includes a variety of “Brentwood’s Best Bagels” when you pick from a selection of regular and/or gourmet assortment bagels—sliced and served up with your choice of Willy’s sweet or savory bagel spreads.

Nova Lox & Cream Cheese Platter

A Traditional Bagel Platter Favorite
Includes an assortment of Willy’s regular and/or gourmet bagels, served with fresh salmon, capers, onions, and tomatoes.

Willy’s Famous Gourmet Sandwich Platter

A Satisfying Choice For Any Event
Includes an assortment of your choice of our delicious bagel sandwiches, with or without cheese. You pick from our gourmet sandwich selection, complete with lettuce, tomato and your choice of condiments, such as mustard and/or mayo on the side.

Morning Pastry Platter

A Sure Crowd Pleaser
Includes an assortment of full-size or mini pastries, including muffins, coffee cake, donuts, and/or cinnamon rolls.

Fresh Fruit Platter

A Natural Party Addition
Includes an assortment of fresh fruit, including watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes and other seasonal fruits. Add to any breakfast or lunch platter.

Cookie & Dessert Platter*

Sweet Add-Ons For Any Affair
Includes your choice of Willy’s homemade bakery items, including snickerdoodle, peanut butter, M&M’s®, and sugar cookies, brownies, and/or Rice Krispies® treats.
Ask about our muffins and seasonal cookies, cakes and pies.

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